14 Sept 2011: MC Remote wins MarketRace competition at Macaw (www.macaw.nl).

A week ago (about the 7th September) MC Remote Pro was published by Macaw on the Marketplace. Since then more the 700 people downloaded the App. I was joining in a competition at Macaw’s called the MarketRace. MC Remote won the competition. I would like to thank all that have contributed to the success I had with MC Remote. Especially the people at J River (Jim Hillegas, Matt Ashland and others) for their support. Thanks all.

I’ve retreated MC Remote from the Marketplace. The PRO Version will be published soon for free by Macaw (www.macaw.nl).


Although I don’t even have a Windows Phone (yet) I’ve started developing a Remote Control for Media Center Versions 14 and up based on the Web Service in Media Center. Above and below you can see some Images caught from the Emulator.

The project is hosted on SourceForge and can be found here.

The App has reached maturity. This is the functionality until now:

  • Settings for connecting to the server are stored in IsolatedStorage (meaning that with each start the settings can be retrieved from the memory of the phone)
  • Routines for reaching the server are working as expected
  • The App retrieves current playing info from the server and displays it. It also retrieves the image from the server (with some nice mirror reflection)
  • Buttons for Previous, Play/Pause, Stop and Next are working. Took the Layout from the Thunderstorm skin from MC)
  • Zones can be toggled and show information / search etc. accordingly
  • Added Page transition animations (see video)
  • Added Application bar (at the bottom) with menus
  • Restyled the App. Panorama view interfered with the sliders
  • Playlists are shown and can be played (as new or as next to play)
  • The Search panel is working. Play (as next) too.
  • In the Search panel multiple items can be selected and played (as new or as next).
  • Implemented the View page. From here MC can be controlled. The view can be set to Normal, Mini, Display, Theater or Cover.
  • Styled the navigation buttons using the MC Logo (cool). The images are a bit edgy.
  • Click and hold on a button now automatically repeats the action until released.
  • Planning for 2 versions.
    • Lite Free version with play control, Playlists and search (with only 1 item selectable).
    • Pro Paid version with all above and search with multiple selection and the new View Page.




Support Zones Implemented
Support Search for Artist/Album/Song Implemented
Support for Access Keys Missing info
Support for LAN, WAN access and WOL Missing info