I’ve been using my new Synology DS1618+ for a month now and I am impressed with its performance. This machine is a lot more than just a File Server. It started with an E-mail server. I didn’t want to use the Hosted Exchange services of my provider any more because it is just too expensive. It takes some effort and patience to get everything working again but now it is working like a charm. Let me tell you what I’ve installed on the DS1618+ so far.

  • An E-mail server.
  • A Calendar which automatically syncs with all my devices using CalDav.
  • A CardDav server to sync my contacts to all my devices.
  • The Surveilance Station which constantly records all video feeds from 3 security cams.
  • A Git server. Source control for my development.
  • A Subversion Server. Also source control.
  • WordPress which hosts this simple website.
  • A VPN server. For secure connections to my network.
  • Apache Webserver.
  • Active Backup that automatically backs up the laptops in our home.
  • WebDav server and Sinology Drive which is a Cloud solution.
  • Download Station for grabbing stuff from the internet.
  • VirtualHere. This tool gives me USB over IP which I need for the Mac mini in the attic for building iOS apps.
  • Antivirus Essential.
  • And last but nog least a Virtual Machine Manager. I use it to run several operating systems like WIndows 10 and Windows Server 2012. But it can host Linux like operating systems (Ubuntu, etc.).

The system is incredible flexible and runs pretty much 100% of the time without giving a sweat. It has 6 bays for hard disks and I now have about 20 Tbyte online. I expanded the memory from the standerd 4 Gb to 32 Gb. I can reach the Synology from anywhere in the world where I have an internet connection using the Synology QuickConnect service. All documents, Photo’s, Video’s, etc I really want to keep are synced to OneDrive on a regular basis. So if the house burns down, which I hope never happens, I still have the most important stuff safe.

I’ve been a Synology fan for many years now and my old DS414j is also still running beside it’s new big brother. I use it to double backup the things I really want to keep.

In short, this is an amazing machine. It’s not cheap but it saves me money too (no more fees for Hosted Exchange, Web Hosting, etc). And I have all my data at home not in some cloud somewhere.