Today started moving my Sonos speakers around the house. We expect to receive a Sonos Beam soon to replace the old Sonos Connect in the livingroom. The Sonos connect was moved to the attic and connected there to my PC workspace. And then it started. Some speakers were disconnected and would not reconnect. The setup procedure said to follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Open system.
  3. Add a product
    • Unplug your speaker from power and reinsert.
    • Wait for the speaker to be ready.
    • Tap ‘continue’ to start the search.
    • Nothing found.
    • Retry. Noting found.
  4. Find missing product
    • Continue.
    • Press connection button. So i did.
    • Nothing found.
    • Try alternative installation
    • Connect to WIFI ‘SONOS’.
    • Continue
    • You are not connected

So nothing worked anymore. We have 5 Sonos speaker and funny enough 3 of them were still visible in the app. The other 2, a Sonos One and Sonos Play:3 were not. I messed around with several things:

  1. Reset my router
  2. Unplugged all Sonos speaker from power and reinserted them.
  3. Pressed the Connect buttons on both of them and searched again.

Nothing seemed to help until I realized the at least 1 Sonos speaker had a wired connection before. The Sonos Connect in the livingroom was attached via wire to the LAN. Connected the Sonos Connect to the LAN and bam there they all were again. I needed that LAN connection for my PC too so I decided to connect a Sonos Play:3 to the LAN instead of the Sonos Connect and yes they all were available again.

In short. If you have connection problems with Sonos. Connect one of them with a wire to your Router and Bob’s your Uncle.